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Here at Silver Angel, we are constantly expanding our portfolio, on this page we will update regularly with new designs and highlight some of our personal favourites.

Mermaid Art Bar

This stunning sandcasted mermaid bar is one of our newest designs. It has been beautifully polished to a mirror shine and the patina highlights the finer details.

This is one of our favourites!

Contact us to find out more info!

King of the Jungle


This beautiful bar is one of our newest additions, and has been sandcasted using one of our bespoke moulds.

Sand Casted Celtic Cross

This new item is a bespoke piece, from a mould made by us, then casted in sand..

Presently we have 2 sizes available, a 2.5 ozt and 4.5 ozt. However, we can make bigger sizes if required, just message us through the contact us section.

Check out our full portfolio here!

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